Friday, August 01, 2008

Dave Walker for President

No doubt about it, people: Dave Walker of Cartoon Church infamy is the man. He's been blasted by a Texas lawyer for crimes against... err... bookshops or something.

Actually no one has yet managed to work out exactly what he's done but hey, y'know, them Texas dudes they sure can shoot. So they did. I think Davey baby looked at 'em sideways or something and he got it in the neck. But y'know, if you're gonna start shooting in enclosed places like the blogosphere you gotta beware of the richochets, dontcha know? 

Hey those bullets went everywhere — blam blam blam blame the cartoonist, ya.

Yaaargh! Ye-ha, ride 'im cowboy. Helluva ride, bucko!

Revd Dr Christian Troll, ah hereby appoint you, sir, yes indeed you, sir, as my attorney at law and mah personal mentor. Hallelujah!

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